A crisis always brings people together, and that includes our two rival NFL teams this week.  The Texans are using the Cowboys' practice facility, after the floods chased them out of Houston.

The Dallas Cowboys have been very friendly toward their football rivals in Houston lately.

With the incredible floods plaguing Houston and the Texans needing a place to practice, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys opened up The Star in Frisco as an option.  (That's the expansive new 91-acre practice facility that also holds the Cowboys' administrative offices.) The Texans hopped on that idea, and headed to Dallas right away after finishing up the recent preseason game against the Saints on Saturday.

The Cowboys have also offered to host Thursday night's preseason game against the Texans, which is scheduled to be in Houston at NRG Stadium.  The league will decide where to play the game, depending on conditions in Houston and after considering input from both teams.  The game could be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, about 45 minutes from where the Texans are practicing this week.

Katrina wrecked havoc on the beginning of the New Orleans Saints' season in 2005, and the Texans are dealing with similar struggles right now.  But the important thing is, the players and their families are safe.  Can you imagine what's going through their minds right now, besides football?!  Texans' players and coaches have plenty to deal with off the field with many of their houses getting hit by flood waters, and it's nice that the Cowboys can offer some help along the way.  It makes us a little bit bigger fans of both teams.

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