We're seeing more and more businesses across the state and in East Texas reopening their doors after being shut down for more than a couple months due to the ongoing pandemic threat.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has set the guidelines for several phases of getting Texas businesses back on track.

HiJinx Trampoline Park located just off Highway 94 in Hudson will be opening back up on Friday, May 22nd at 4 p.m.  They will be open Fridays from 4-8, Saturdays from noon-9 p.m., and on Sundays from 1-6.

Keeping the facility clean and disinfected is priority number one according to officials at HiJinx.  A thorough cleaning process is taking place throughout the day on Thursday and early Friday to get ready for Friday afternoon's opening.  During operational hours, an employee will be solely designated to disinfect and chairs and tables once they have been vacated.

There will be other guidelines in place to help keep customers safe:

  • Adherence to the 25% occupancy mandate set forth by Governor Abbott.
  • An employee in the lobby/foyer designated primarily to make sure that customers don't get packed while waiting to check in
  • Using alternating private rooms for birthday parties
  • concessions will still be available since all food and drinks are already pre-packaged and not prepared on site.

Customers will be asked to try their best to keep their distance from other patrons.  However, management at HiJink realizes that may not always be possible especially when it comes to younger children who, through no fault of their own, like to congregate and give hugs to each other.

Be safe, use common sense, and have fun!

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