Ever been to Pharr, Texas?  Hear tell it's close to Brownsville.  Must not be much to do in Pharr, although latest numbers indicate a bustling 70,000 in population.  For that matter, Brownsville must also be a ghost town of sorts -- for the criminals!

Not making any sense yet?  Give me a moment, please.  Still contemplating how to address this post without laughing uncontrollably over a serious crime.  Then again, all crime should be considered serious, right?

Remember that scene from the movie "A Few Good Men", when Tom Cruise grills Jack Nicholson on the witness stand about the "transfer order", and Jack tells Tom there is only one kind of danger - grave.

Still not making much sense, huh?

Thieves are stealing manhole covers in these two border cities.  Now the premise being to sell the steal to metal companies, but to date, none have been received by local merchants.  So, where are they???

Meanwhile, the crooks have put a crimp on the streets, setting up hazardous situations for motorists as they come upon a "hole" in the roadway, plus the impact this has on flood control, and the bill for replacement covers doesn't come cheap, as Pharr as already forked over $10,000.