There are few places that captivate the imagination like "Dracula's Castle." This is clearly evident in how many different vampiric cinematic manifestations we've seen throughout the years. Although most recently in our collective movie memories, the Twilight series still holds a level of prominence. However, as lovely as the Cullen's lovely modern Pacific Northwest hideout was, there's nothing quite like the abode that was thought for years to have housed the one from whom the dark legends arose.

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The character we know as the infamous Dracula was based on Vlad Dracula Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, who ruled the area in the 15th century. Actually, though, historians now know this spooky castle doesn't have a connection to him. A bit disappointing, eh? But, all of that aside, the castle is iconic on its own and has certainly been an inspiration for the home of [insert old world vampire here.]

Even before we began dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic, travelling to Romania to see the legendary "Dracula's Castle," or Bran Castle, may have been a bit of a stretch. However, thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can take a virtual tour of the horror-inspiring hideaway.

You can take the virtual tour here.


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