We should feel rich in Texas. Compared to Delaware anyway.

One hundred dollars goes a lot further in Texas than it does in other places and here's how much.

Mississippi and Arkansas get the biggest bang for their buck, but Texas isn't far behind.  The real value of a hundred bucks in Texas is $103.52, so our dollar stretches further here than it does in about half of the other states.

So if we have $500 to our credit, we can actually buy $517.60 worth of stuff.  Cool, that's like one ticket to a Dallas Cowboys game.  So maybe "in theory" our dollar stretches further in Texas.  Choices, choices.

Even though we're not lagging behind, we're not exactly ahead of the rest of the country either.  Texas ranks 27th among states when it comes to the real value of $100, according to the Tax Foundation.  If we really want to have purchasing power, we need to move to states like Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Dakota, or Alabama where the cost of living is cheap and retail prices are low.

Hmm....even if you're flat broke, at least you're in a cool spot like Texas.

And if you have a hundred bucks in your pocket, you're richer than you think you are.