There's been a viral trend on the interwebs for a few months now where people, instead of giving their exact age, are associating how old they are with different things. For example, "I'm bag phone in the car old." Or, "I'm dial-up internet old."

Some people say that it's goofy, and that might be true. But, I think we can have some fun with this if we give it the Deep East Texas spin. So, I did just that. Check out some of my personal ones below:

  • I'm Toys R' Us in Lufkin old.
  • I'm Jitterbugs in Nacogdoches old.
  • I'm red in the SFA logo old.
  • I'm H-E-B in Nacogdoches old. (Sorry, that one stings a bit as I reflect on it...)
  • I'm Luby's in Nacogdoches old.
  • I'm Randall's in the Angelina Shopping Center old.
  • I'm Temple-Inland old.
  • I'm Abitibi old.
  • I'm STS-107 Columbia old. (If you don't get this reference, please look it up now.)
  • I'm Grave Digger in the Expo Center old.
  • I'm Waldenbooks in the Mall old.
  • I'm Hastings old.
  • I'm Waffle House on South Street old.
  • I'm Mize's Department Store old.
  • I'm Schmidt Shoe Store old.

Now that you've seen some of my descriptions, it's your turn. How old Deep East Texas are you? Let us know in the comments below!


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