Sometimes, it's fun to just scroll through Zillow - or other real estate sites - just to see what you can find. Whether you're ready to buy right then, or you're just searching to see what's out there, it's a pretty good way to kill some time.

Sometimes, something just catches your eye, and you want to learn more about it. That happened to me just the other day. I wasn't looking - and am still not - looking to buy this house, but it's still pretty awesome.

What's funny though, is that something that really stuck with me about this particular house was a picture from one of the nine bathrooms in it. It was huge, and immaculate! Take a look:

Ed Pool, Charles Pool Real Estate via Zillow
Ed Pool, Charles Pool Real Estate via Zillow

Come on now! That thing is awesome! You get steps leading right up into the jacuzzi. And, the view is awesome, too! I'd buy this house, just to get that bathroom!

Now, I will say, this house has way more than just the bathrooms that make it look desirable. I was just blown away with the bathroom first.

According to Zillow, this five bedroom, nine bathroom house in Nacogdoches is on the market for $625,000. You can see the full listing from Zillow here.

But, like I said, this awesome place has more than just the bathrooms worth looking at. Check out some more photos of it below:

Nac Home For Sale With Awesome Bathrooms...And More

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