One of the biggest - if not THE biggest - football games for SFA each year is "The Battle of the Pineywoods". That's the rivalry game between SFA and rival, Sam Houston. This game usually takes place at NRG Stadium in Houston, the home of the Texans.

But, it WILL NOT be taking place in Houston this year.

According to Lone Star Sports and Entertainment, the company that facilitates Battle of the Pineywoods at NRG, the game will not be played there in 2020.

They closed their announcement with this:

All parties look forward to this great rivalry returning to NRG Stadium in 2021.

Now, keep in mind, this doesn't mean that there won't be a Battle of the Pineywoods this year. The game between SFA and Sam Houston is already on the schedule, set for October 3rd. There just hasn't been an announcement of WHERE that game will take place.

And, all of this is contingent on both schools actually playing this fall. There's been no announcement of cancelling or postponing football season from either school, as of right now.

I'm not real sure on when the Battle of the Pineywoods moved to NRG for the first time, but I know that it's been taking place in that stadium for several years. It'll be different not having it in there this year. But, it looks like they're already planning on having it back in Houston for 2021, so it'll go right back next year.

The full statement from Lone Star Sports and Entertainment can be found here.

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