There are rumors swirling around about someone thinking about buying the old Lufkin Lanes. Lufkin's only bowling alley has been shuttered since 2018.

Those rumors are true, but thinking is a lot more than doing. We had heard rumors of the Ottelson's selling when it first closed.

They are trying to fix up the interior in the hopes of attracting a buyer one day. Its reopening isn't as far-fetched as the pessimist in all of us might think.

The Website For Lufkin Lanes Is Just Chinese Writing 

I found the old link to the Lufkin Lanes bowling website. would for sure be the website you would want if you kept the name the same; however, this link has Chinese writing all over it. I can only assume it was not renewed and is held by someone else. The squid games-like countdown on the site is a little ominous, but with a little translating I got the job done.

It says "Detected by secure encryption  - Create Classic Infinite Innovation - Click to go to." I clicked the button, but chickened out since it was taking forever. It might not go anywhere.

Lufkin Lanes Last Facebook Post Was In 2015

Going to the Lufkin Lanes Facebook page was a blast from the past. Posts from 7 years ago in 2015 really brought back memories.

I bowled in a league there in around 2005, and went to many a Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon. Lufkin Lanes got a liquor license back in 2010 and with it some crime.

Hopefully it can reopen and be a family-friendly place to bowl, eat, and have a good time once again.

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