Flipped on the Weather Channel last night to see when the next 3 inches of "partly cloudy" was forecast for.  Instead, I witnessed six men, teamed  in pairs, all in different parts of the country (although every scene looked like Kansas) chasing storms!  Not any storms mind you.  Most specifically - tornadoes!

Don't know about you, but driving, walking, jogging, running, or filming near, or into an approaching wind vortex spewing 100 mile per hour gusts, is not my idea of a rush. I've given it great thought, and if it came down to "skydiving" for the first time versus being face-to-face with a monster "twister", then I'm afraid I shall have to pick the former.

On a serious note, we ARE prone to tornado activity here in East Texas (even rare hurricanes could don the East Texas landscape), so heed the warnings when given.