I thought we were done with this, East Texas. I thought we had put the past behind us. However, after cruising through social media the other day, I see that there are still people holding onto resentment. Holding onto something that happened several years ago.

You can't keep holding on. Eventually, you've got to give it up. You have to move on.

I know this is tough, and it's probably tougher for some rather than others. But, I know that you can do it. You can stand strong, and accept the hard truths. Plus, you've got a whole lot of support behind you, willing to help you work through the difficulty that is "the truth".

You can do it. I have faith in you.

Now, some of you are saying to yourselves - and quite possibly your friends at this point - "What is he talking about?"

I think you know, East Texas. You DO know. And now, it's time to accept the hard truths. It's time to stand firm, and accept the fact that . . .

Dez DID NOT catch the ball.

That's it. Stay strong!

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