Many large businesses are closing their doors to celebrate the Easter holiday in Texas. Employees with the day off might want to do some shopping after church.

There is a long list of chains that are going to be closed. Don't worry though, as the list of stores open on Easter Sunday is also extensive.

Convenience stores, 24-hour gyms, and grocery stores will generally be open. They might have reduced hours, so it's a good idea to call any of these places before heading for more Easter eggs.

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Stores That Will Be Open On Easter In East Texas

According to here are the stores that will be open on Easter:

Big Lots - You can get a new mattress during their usual Sunday hours.

CVS - Check your local pharmacy hours, but they will be open.

Dollar General - Dollar General is not closing for Easter.

Kroger - HEB is closed, but Kroger is open. Double-check for pharmacy hours.

PetSmart - Easter treats for your fur baby will be available for purchase. Check for holiday hours.

Planet Fitness - Gains wait for no holiday.

Home Depot - Store hours may be adjusted for the holiday, but they will be open.

Walgreens - Check your Walgreens app for pharmacy hours, but the store will be open.

Walmart - They are open regular hours for Easter. Target and Sam's Club will be closed, so they will rack up.

Starbucks - Select locations are open on Easter. Check your Starbucks app first.

If you know of a store you frequent that will be open on Easter, let us know in the comments or on Facebook, and we can add to the list.

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Here is a list of stores that are closed.

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