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East Texans are looking forward to our Thanksgiving feasts with family and friends on Thursday and so are our four-legged buddies. They're going to be looking for a handout when we all sit down to eat, or in many other cases, before we sit at the table! They'll be looking to join in on the feasting too.

Now that the turkey has been thawing for a couple of days, the smell of a basted turkey in the oven or deep fryer will be filling our homes or neighborhoods. Along with the smell of marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and lots of other foods will be tempting our taste buds along with our pets thanks to their aromas.

When the Thanksgiving meal is complete and we all sit down at the table to eat our dogs (and sometimes cats) will be right there at our feet begging for something from the table. If your dog is lucky and gets to eat human food too, you'll be tempted to feed them. Do so with caution and give them this 'treat' in moderation while paying attention to not feeding them other foods from the table.

You can feed them - in moderation

Certain foods prepared with spices or the texture of a food can be harmful and/or toxic to a dog. The last thing you want to be doing on Thanksgiving Day is visiting the emergency animal care clinic because that trip to the vet can be an expensive one.

While things like white turkey meat without bones, mashed potatoes without butter, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and green beans are ok to give to your dog, in moderation, you'll want to avoid things like ham, stuffing, fatty foods, chocolate and grapes.

It's okay to reward your dog on Thanksgiving, but do so moderately and keep their health in mind too.

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