Watch This Turkey Dance, Get Dizzy, and Fall Down [Video]
These turkeys are either dancing or demonstrating the magnetic powers that us gals have over guys in general.  Our magnetic pull is so strong, that once we hook them they'll stick with us until they get dizzy and fall down.  Hear the other turkeys laughing at this guy...
Thanksgiving Dinner Costs How Much?
Have you tallied up how much your family spends on the turkey dinner at Thanksgiving?
Counting that green bean casserole with the french fried onions on top, cranberry sauce, the bird, and other trimmings, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is $44.04 this year.
More Men Are Cooking the Turkey This Thanksgiving
Growing up, my mom was always the one to cook the turkey at Thanksgiving.  The turkey was always baked to perfection (and sometimes imperfection) in the oven at my parents' house and at Grandma's, using the traditional method with the traditional stuffing inside.
Then somewhere along the way, about t…