Growing up, my mom was always the one to cook the turkey at Thanksgiving.  The turkey was always baked to perfection (and sometimes imperfection) in the oven at my parents' house and at Grandma's, using the traditional method with the traditional stuffing inside.

Then somewhere along the way, about the time I got into high school, my dad figured out he could inject sauces into meats, and the turkey takeover began!  Add to that the ability to fry a turkey, smoke it, or grill it, and my dad was in dude's heaven.  And my mom never had to worry about cooking the Thanksgiving turkey again.

The Today Show says more men will be in charge of the turkey this year.  

84 percent are involved in the meal in some way, and 42 percent are involved with the actual turkey.  And for the first time in 32 years, the Butterball hotline has added a male representative to reflect the fact that more guys are in charge of the bird at Thanksgiving.

Don't forget to take the bird out of the freezer 3 or 4 days before Thanksgiving!  Disaster ensues when you try to plop a frozen bird into the fryer.

A turkey on the grill, beer in hand, and football on TV...

That's a Happy Thanksgiving!