"In these trying times" it's something you hear a lot. If you are without a job right now, you know what that really means. Bills to pay, and debt mounting, you have to act now. There is something you can do for yourself, and still stay as safe as possible. Express Professional Employment Is having a job fair.

Job fairs can sometimes feel like a waste of time. Not this one, everyone who  applies gets an interview.  This fairs goal is to fill over 50 positions in our area. Something for everyone. Industrial, administration, medical field, mechanic, warehouse positions, receptionists. Real jobs, from real employers looking for people that are willing to learn and get to work.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

Stop into Express Professional Employment on Wednesday July 15th for the job fair from 9am-4pm. They are in Lufkin right behind Taco Bell at 210 C South Timberland Drive. I would get there early, because this heat is not letting up.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

They are practicing social distancing to make sure everyone is safe. Face masks are to be worn, and it is a requirement to attend. You will be asked to fill out the application in your vehicle, and return it to personnel located out front under the tent. Not going inside a building keeps the spread of corona virus down, so this is perfect. No waiting in a lobby or waiting room full of people.

If you are looking for a job, this could be the one step you need to get it done. Let your friends know about the job fair, you could really help out their entire family.

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