More people than ever are going for a plant-based diet, with ten million people in America categorizing themselves as vegan.  And Texas is keeping pace as one of the best places in the country for vegan takeout.  

It's World Vegan Month, and the site Myprotein, has come up with the best vegan eats in the country. They picked a Texas restaurant as one of the best spots for vegan takeout in the country.

A strict vegan is someone who doesn't eat any food derived from animals and they don't use any animal products.  Sometimes I think I could classify as vegan, but I love eggs too much.  And cheese, although some of the plant-based cheeses do fill the void.  Oh, and salmon!  Wowie, wow, it appears I am a vegan failure.  I've tried to be vegan in the past, but my efforts are always derailed by cravings of salmon with a barbecue glaze, so I've given up trying to classify my food habits.  If there is a category for people who are plant-based 89 percent of the time, that's probably where I fall.

Myprotein said veganism is becoming a top trend with more than ten million people already on board.  They searched for the best vegan eats in the country and came up with a list of the best restaurants for getting your plant-based takeout fix, and Texas gets recognition as one of the bright spots.

Houston's Thai Jasmine Restaurant is the best spot in the state for vegan takeout, according to Myprotein.  Like most restaurants, they've been hampered by the pandemic and they're not open for dine-in right now, but apparently takeout is serving them well.  They're one of the best vegan restaurants in America, and it sounds like their dishes would be awesome on a winter night by a cozy fire with a movie marathon and fuzzy slippers on the side.  The menu includes a Basil Tofu dish which is fried tofu, garlic, fresh chili, broccoli, mushroom, bamboo, and basil, with basmati rice.  Cozy up to that!  But I don't think they will deliver to Tyler.  Add them to the list of places to visit, post-COVID.

If you've found a great vegan restaurant around Tyler or Longview, let me know!  We're always looking to give East Texas businesses some much-deserved love too.

New York and California may be the most vegan states in America, but Texans are keeping pace with plant-based diets too.  At least 89 percent of the time.

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