Kidd Kraddick was heard locally on our sister station K-FOX (95.5).

In the coming days, you will hear the adjectives of warmth describing him as "giant", and "legendary", and the truth be known, he was - both.  Kidd should be remembered, not only for the enjoyment he gave to his radio audience, but for his compassion to humanity, and for being one of those genuinely - nice guys.

This may not be the best comparison, but Kidd was to radio, like Michael J. Fox was to television.  To hone your craft in any occupation is a lifetime journey that encompasses change in strategic direction, adapting to intrusive competition, frugal marketing standards despite success, and throughout it all, maintaining composure to survive.

Kraddick did a helluva balancing act, and like any talented performer, he always brought his "A"-game to the microphone.  As is the case with many personalities, his birth certificate identified him as David Peter Kraddick, but had his on-air name was changed by a Producer to - Kidd.

Hosting his nationally syndicated "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" show which originated from Irving, Kidd woke up his faithful followers in over 75 broadcast markets across the country.

Kraddick worked hard at perfecting his legacy by working in Tampa, prior to taking the night shift reigns in Dallas between 1984-1992, before moving into the coveted morning slot.  In 1998, he pulled down a "Marconi", for Major Market Radio Personality of the Year, and was subsequently inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame after his syndicated show went full time in 2001.

On Saturday, July 27, Kidd was yet at another charity event in New Orleans for his beloved "Kidd's Kids Foundation", which is in its 21st year.  Reports were fast to surface that a brain aneurysm was the cause of death, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The broadcasting profession mourns hard today, because Kidd Kraddick was a radio brother, who died way too soon at only 53 years old.