When I purchased my house, it had last been renovated in the late 1990s-early 2000s. So as you can imagine, there were a lot of things to change: the chalky paint finish on the cabinets, the tile countertops, and the lack of a backsplash.

Fast forward to today, and it's a glowing representation of everything trendy: white cabinets, bronze fixtures, and a marble countertop. I love it - and so does everyone else that's come to my house. But now...we're hearing through the social media grapevine that some kitchen trends are leaving us, and I really don't understand it.

Just like a lot of things on social media these days, this new information I found on TikTok. Yep. There are several interior designers that I've come across in recent days that have basically told us to stop doing everything we've been doing over the past few years.

You like white cabinets? Break out the paint.

You like farmhouse style? Ugh, it's tired.

You like brass fixtures? Rip them out.

You like Rae Dunn? It's tacky.

Let me tell you, you can do whatever you want to do. I'm sure if you love it, you've done it well in your home and suits your personality. If you're into keeping up with the Joneses and staying ahead of the trendy curve, then you'll want to take some mental notes - or just break out the pen and paper and stick this to your wall for the next time you make a trip to Lowe's.

Follow me on this journey - these are 5 kitchen trends you'll want to avoid this year.

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