If you are looking to get out with the family and get some exercise while supporting local business the Skate Ranch is open tonight (Friday July 31, 2020.) The Skate Ranch is having a late skate from 7pm -12a. You could get off work, and spend some quality time with the kids. This is open to everyone, and they will not be accepting coupons or passes.

Entry is paid by skate time. From 7pm - 10pm admission is $7. To skate the entire time from 7pm - 12am is $12. Skate rentals are $3 for the night, no matter what length of time you pick. The skate ranch is also open for regular hour skating on Saturday.

There are a few rules that you must follow if you are planning on attending. If you are under 18 and you don't have parents staying with you the entire time, you are required to have skates on. They are making sure for the safety of the people there, that everyone is there for the same reason. To skate and have a good time. They also ask that no one brings backpacks or purses.

Skating is experiencing a huge surge in interest during the pandemic. Retro skating brands have released limited edition skates, and their promotion of the sport has increased interest all over the country. Social media platforms like TikToc and Snapchat have seen an increase on hashtag #rollerskating due to this renewed interest.

Though not mentioned on their site, I would find a mask that helps you breath normally while skating, and wear it at all times. Being physically active, indoors, with groups might not be the best approach to slow the spread. Continuing to support local business, is sometimes a hard thing to balance.

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