Remember the opening line from the long ago television series "Superman"?  "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman"!  Well, in Roanoke, Texas, in Denton County, you can take off the "it's Superman", and simply stop at "it's a plane".

Can't imagine any airport with a road for automobile travel just feet away from an active runway, but that is the case at Roanoke's Northeast Regional Airport, and although the word STOP is painted on the pavement, this oversight appears to be the same as a railroad crossing without lights.

Thankfully, no serious injuries from this mishap, but the pilot, who was soloing at the time of the crash, has said that this was his last flight.

Watch this amazing home video as the light plane, a Cessna Skyhawk, attempts to avoid an SUV crossing the runway.  The plane is going an estimated 65 miles per hour at the time of impact.