Pickup trucks dominate the roads in Texas and have been much the same for a long time. Ford is shaking things up with their first, all-electric, F-150 Lightning. I got the opportunity to see one in person at Lufkin Ford and jumped at the chance.

I even got to take a lap in the parking lot, and this truck is quick. Zero to 60 times are in the four-second range, and it has 775 foot-pounds of torque.

I didn't punch it on the lot, but I did give it some pedal and it was ready to go. There were two there, and I got to speak with a new owner taking delivery.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Is Fast And Practical

Scott Duncan was there to take delivery of his Stone Grey Metallic Lariat F-150 Ford Lightning and I asked him what led him to his decision. "I've always wanted an electric vehicle, and I think the performance of it is more important to me than the fuel savings," said Duncan.

The Atlas Blue Lightning I drove will be part of the loaner fleet at Lufkin Ford so you might be using this one yourself. You could also use their pick-up and delivery option for your next service.

I would love to have more time with the truck to try out the Blue Cruise it came equipped with. It allows for hands-free driving on divided highways. Lufkin Ford will begin to take more orders for the Lightning in July.

I have driven many different electric vehicles and this was the quietest, smoothest ride I had in one to date. Take a look inside and out of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

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