If you are wary about getting out and having a bite to eat at lunch today in Nacogdoches there are a ton of local restaurants with their dining rooms open. They are still at a lower capacity and observing social distancing recommendations.

Some of the eateries are Curbside/To-Go Only, but most of those are usually that way anyway. I had a chance to get by Be Blessed BBQ on Saturday and it was so great. They are in the old T-Rex parking lot between Atwoods and the car wash. If you haven't had a Texas Twinkie, you are missing out. According to the sign they are open only select days, so drive by and see what is going on.

The Nac Sno Shack is open in that same parking lot, and they have the sno-cones that are just like snow. I had a sno-cone, and was amazed at all their sugar free options. Here are all the Curbside and To-Go only restaurants now open, as of May 22nd, and I am sure it still applies as no new list has been put out.

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Take a look at the list, if you know of a restaurant that is open and isn't on the list you can always reply to them on facebook. Just Click Here

Have you been out to eat since the lockdown? Let us know how it went in the comments. In Deep East Texas, we treat eating out as our only entertainment. It appeals to young and old, and hey, everyone has to eat right?

Visit Nacogdoches/Nacogdoches CVB
Visit Nacogdoches/Nacogdoches CVB


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