One love.

I love fast good chicken and I'm not ashamed to say it. Whether it's the good local chicken tenders from Slim Chickens, Raising Cane's, Popeye's, Church's, or even Ray's Drive-In, I am all about it!

One love is of course the motto of Raising Cane's, and says there's one coming to the town of Lufkin.

Give me one of those box combos, please, with extra dipping sauce!

Raising Cane's has been opening up new franchise locations all over the South, so why not another one in East Texas? Would you believe that they opened up a location in DUBAI last year?

There's something about burgers & fries I can't get enough of. I love T & G Burger's.

I think typing all of this up has just made me hungry all over again.

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