Here at the radio station we've received random stuff before. Baked goods, artwork, we even received a cast-iron skillet from someone...and this is only a list of a few things that we've gotten.

But today, we stepped it up a notch here at the radio station. Today, we got something that we've never gotten before.

It all started with a sound that I heard a few minutes after I arrived. I heard it, and didn't think too much of it, thinking that it was coming from a video that someone in the building was watching, or maybe it was someone's ringtone on their phone.

But, over the next several minutes, I kept hearing the noise. Curious, I followed the noise, which was coming from outside the building. I opened the backdoor, and this is what I saw:

Mark Cunningham

So, it looks like a regular - well-used - animal crate, right? Look a little closer...

Mark Cunningham

Yes, now you can see why it was so random. And, just in case you need any more clarification than I've already given, here's the close-up:

Mark Cunningham

A rooster. Someone dropped off a ROOSTER at the radio station. No name, no explanation, it was just sitting by the back door. Why is this? I have no idea. However, this will go down - at least in my book - as the most random thing we have received far...

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