If you've ever hit the open road on a Harley, you know it can feel sexy and free and you don't have a care in the world.  Well maybe a bug or two in your face, but other than that, life feels pretty darn good on a motorcycle.

A new study says women who ride motorcycles are overall much happier than women who don't.  Guys, get your lady on the back of that bike!

Why does riding a motorcycle lead to happiness?

The survey says it improves an overall sense of self-worth because it's helps women feel free and sexy and leads to greater confidence.

The study also says riding a motorcycle improves communication with a significant other.  How does that happen exactly?  It seems like motorcycle riding is a lot of yelling through a helmet with wind in one's face.  But riding reduces stress nonetheless, and that can lead to better, more effective communication.

Cool, let's hit the road!  We just might want to wait until the rain chances are gone and the weather warms up a little more.

Now you have a solid excuse to buy that bike!

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