As I was driving to the radio station this morning, I found myself behind a driver that was swerving all over the road. When I was able to pass them, I couldn't believe what they were doing!

Every morning, I make the trip from Nacogdoches to the radio station in Lufkin. And every morning - MULTIPLE times every morning - I see someone texting and driving. So what's different about this morning? Probably the fact that it was POURING RAIN. Visibility on 59 was pretty bad this morning due to the rain that this storm system brought in.

So, as I mentioned, I got behind a driver that was going all over the road. They'd go straight for awhile, then they'd slowly cross the line and go onto the shoulder, then they'd over-correct and cross the line into the other lane. I mean, thank goodness that 59 is 4-lane and they couldn't go into oncoming traffic.

Anyway, when there was room, I took the chance to pass the car, and as I drove past I could see that the woman driving had her head down looking at the little illuminated cell phone in her hands. Yes, I said hands - plural. Both hands on the phone, none on the steering wheel. I was blown away!

I don't know if the lady made it safely to her destination, but I can hope she did. Texting and driving is NEVER a good choice, and in a really bad storm, it's even more dangerous! I don't think any text is important enough to put yourself and the other drivers around you in danger. If you think it could be that important, pull over, park, send your message, then go on your way. I promise that being a minute later to your destination isn't going to be that big of a deal.

Don't text and drive in a storm...actually, let me rephrase that. Don't text and drive, PERIOD. It's not worth it.

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