The website, Roadsnacks, did an article a few months back listing the top ten most white trash cities in Texas, and Lufkin is sitting at the #1 spot.

Their website covers other states, so they aren't trying to single anyone out. The algorithm they used basically sums up meth related activity, a higher than average number of Dollar Store locations, and basically the sheer number of white people.

Again, you can see it all detailed in this link. It should also be noted that all the information they got was from a census, and the author of the "study" never actually came down to visit us.

If you pop over to Urban Dictionary, you can see how they define 'White Trash,' and see for yourself how many boxes we check in their description.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to respond to this article. It would be too easy to get upset I think. We can't just embrace it, can we?

I think living here throughout the years, you eventually see the good over the bad. We've had world star athletes come out Lufkin. We have community leaders that strive to give us awesome events each year. We have some of the most polite folks you'll ever meet.

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Someone at the radio station said we should do something to get rid of the drugs, so maybe next year we're off the list, but that's literally what the MethBuster program was, and we got made fun of for it in the original article.

Another coworker got defensive and started listing all the great qualities of Lufkin;

While Lufkin may have “white trash” folks among us, we are still proud of where we came from. And let’s not mistake the term “white trash” for country living. The rest of the country or world, may look at us as only beer guzzling chain smokers who don’t know a lick of English but let me tell you something…Lufkin has produced a lot of doctors, lawyers, college football athletes as well as professional athletes (IE, Brandon belt, Dez Bryant…etc) What I’d like to know, is who is the judge of this so called list and rankings?? I mean seriously…" ~ Amanda McGee

Girl dressed in traditional Brazilian Jerk.
Girl dressed in traditional Brazilian Jerk.

In a way, it's kind of cool to be recognized. I mean, Texas is friggin' huge and we are #1! Maybe we should just laugh, and continue to do what we can to show the world the better side of Lufkin.

What were your initial reactions to the article? How will you respond as a Lufkinite? What should we do as a community to maybe get off this list, or are we too far gone? Sound off in the comments below.

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