Over the last few years, perhaps you've noticed quite a bit more foot traffic and bicyclists traveling up and down Timberland Drive in Lufkin.  This can be quite problematic as motorists and pedestrians try to share the same stretch of roadways.  As a result of this, officials with the Lufkin District of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have announced plans to add sidewalks running nearly the length of Timberland Drive.

A pre-construction meeting was held Thursday, May 5 in the Lufkin Area Office which signals the beginning of this new construction project. Work is expected to begin Monday, May 9, to construct additional pedestrian sidewalks that will be located on the west side of Business 59/Timberland Drive from Denman Avenue to about 1,180 feet north of Forest Park Boulevard.  That would put the north end of the sidewalk near Angelina Animal Hospital.  Encino Landscaping, Cleveland TX, will serve as the contractor for the $1.1 million construction project.

“As bicycling and walking continue to increase, the incidents involving pedestrians have also increased,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “The Lufkin District has constructed pedestrian infrastructure throughout the nine-county district since 2018, and we are proud to be able to continue these projects with additional construction through this busy area used by both motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

Recognizing the need to provide a safer infrastructure for non-motorized users on the local transportation system, the Lufkin District continues to pursue opportunities throughout the district for additional pedestrian infrastructure.

As this project begins, motorists are urged to stay alert near the work zones, reduce speed and obey all traffic control. Remember, fines double when workers are present.

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