Drive anywhere in East Texas for a while and you're bound to see a poster or flyer asking folks to be on the lookout for a missing pet.  There's usually a picture of the dog or cat and sometimes a reward that is offered.  Now, instead of a pet, how about a flyer asking you to be on the lookout for a missing, or misplaced, car.

As reported this morning on Tabloid News with Merrell in the Morning, according to an article in the CityPages, a Minnesota man can't remember where he parked his car after having way too many drinks.  Give the man credit, he knew he shouldn't be driving in his inebriated state, so he parked his car in a residential neighborhood and had a friend take him home.  Now, he nor his friend can remember where they parked the car.

The man has now made up flyers with a picture of the 2007 Toyota Camry.  He's asking folks to be on the lookout for this car.  An unspecified reward is also being offered.

It seems difficult to believe that the man's friend can't recall where they parked the car, and with the tracking technology available on smartphones and apps, you'd think there would be some sort of record of where the car was left.  But, I guess when that much alcohol is consumed, one shouldn't make logical assumptions.

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