Man, is this guy made for TV.

Devon Hawkins was the victim of a shooting early Friday morning in Quincy, Ill., but that didn't prevent him from giving a memorable interview (it's NSFW for some salty language) with KHQA about the experience.

In fact, it looks like he may have come straight from the ER because he was a hot mess, smoking and showing off his bandage.

Hawkins proved he has a knack for words when he eloquently recounted what went down:

You know, I'm in the room, chilling, kicking like I usually do, drinking and somebody shot right through my back window, hit me in the chest. And I'm like [bleep] get my son out the room."

He then showed off the bandage that he got when treated at the hospital and cursed when asked why this happened because, even though Devon was shot, he still had the presence of mind to keep it classy. That's how Devon rolls.

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