In a new interview, former Ghost guitarist Martin Persner opens up a bit about leaving the band. He claims that "something horrible happened," which caused him to walk away from the group back in 2016.

In the interview with Spain’s GoetiaMedia, the guitarist was asked about his relationship with his former bandmates. He says, “I don't wanna talk about that. I'm sorry. Of course, everyone wonders… basically, it's a group of five or six very, very good friends, and something horrible happened.” Persner adds, “It feels like talking about the divorce of your wife … it's so horrible, so I'd rather not talk about anything about that in terms of how we feel about each other and stuff, because it's too personal." Head to the 17:00 mark in the video above.

Back in March 2017, Martin Persner claimed he was Ghost’s rhythm guitarist – known as Omega – from 2009 through 2016. This marked the first time someone was publicly identified as a member of the mysterious band. He shared that he left the band, but did not give a reason for his departure.

The next month the veil was lifted on the band after frontman Tobias Forge’s true identity was outed after he was sued by four former members of the band, which did not include Persner. The suit accused Forge of not paying the band members their fair share of the profits from album sales and touring.

After Persner left Ghost, he reactivated his trio Magna Carta Cartel (MCC). The group recently released a new single “The Sun & The Rain.” In the interview, Persner shared why he put the band on the back burner when Ghost took off. He also discussed the differences between writing songs for the two bands.

He says, “I wrote some songs (for Ghost), but mostly it was (Tobias’s) own songs, and I would come along, maybe, and say, ‘Oh, it should be like…’ and we would fight – as always. But obviously, I didn’t have the same output in Ghost as I had in MCC.”

Magna Carta Cartell released The Demon King EP last year.

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