Zoo Brew 2019 tickets are on sale now. This year it falls on May 4th, so we can all use the force and know what the theme is. You are invited to come enjoy a variety of beer and wine, appetizers from local restaurants, and live entertainment at the zoo.

I really like this event. I think it is something that adds culture to the area, all the while raising funds for the zoo. There is something for everyone, I am usually drawn to the food tables.There will be lots of different beverages to try.

It's really the only chance you get to be in the zoo after dark. The animals are always more active, and no one you know under 21 will be there. Tickets are $50 a person, and the event has sold out before, so get online and get yours. You will be added to the guest list, as there are no physical tickets.

Here are some pictures of years past at the Zoo Brew, we have always had a lot of fun at this event. Adult beverages and zoo animals, what a combo, you can't miss this one.

The event is at the Ellen Trout Zoo on the Loop in Lufkin Saturday May 4th, 2019 from 7pm -10pm.  Get your tickets - Click Here.

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