Well first it was 'Planking'.  Then we had 'Owling'.  Now 'Coning' is the next big internet fad.  Where does it all stop, you might ask?  McDonald's says that the buck stops here!

Now if you don't know what 'Coning' is, here is the definition according to Urban Dictionary:

"A new sensation most likely started by Youtube. It involves the act of ordering an ice cream cone and grabbing it at the top (where the ice cream is) when the person hands it to you after purchase. It usually gets a good reaction from the employee."  If you need a little more clarification, check out this video:

But wait!  Before you go out and try this yourself,  McDonald’s is hip to all these young’uns and their coning shenanigans and will shut down everything before it lets you grab the cone you paid for by the ice cream.

Now, who wants some ice cream?