I know that at 2 am we skipped ahead to 3 am early on Sunday, but those effects carry on into the work week on the following Monday. Needless to say, it's the best time to mess with people. 

Sunday really gives you only one day to adapt to the time change.  There have been lots of movements across America to stop the insanity that is time change, but then we get used to the new time, and just stop worrying about it again.

Why does the time change back and forth? I understand it used to be for farmers to have more daylight to bring in the crops. Here in East Texas, you would think that made good common sense, but I've learned that they farmers don't really care. I've also heard the reason we continue it, is commerce. You are more likely to go shopping after work, if it's still daylight outside.

It makes us consume more energy products. If it's light when you get home, that means it's hotter. So you run the AC more to be comfortable at home, since you are there during warmer times of the day.

All of this really doesn't matter to me though. I went to bed early both nights, and I am barely effected by the change really. I thought I would take advantage of this and mess with James this morning.