According to the Classic Rock Q107 calendar, this Saturday night/Sunday morning is one of the most exciting days of the year, and while many know about its existence, it registers little fanfare in the news media.

What is this avenue of enrichment, you say?  None other than that mind boggling event contrived by infamous people, whom had nothing better to do in their lives, except to persuade 48 states that turning the clock forward and backward every six months, was a useful performance of Federal mediation!

Let's give props to Arizona and Hawaii, who didn't fall prey to this dastardly scheme designed to do no more than make us excessively tardy, or extremely early to work twice each year.

Surely to put a foul taste in your mouth, this is just a pleasant reminder to spring forward ONE HOUR before beady-bye on Saturday night (March 9), or Sunday morning (March 10) should you retire after Midnight.

This used to be an April/October "thang", but some genius with a negative intelligent quotient felt it necessary to honor "Daylight Savings Time" in March and November, so when the temp heats up here in East Texas this month, and you expect it to be cooler, simply remember this brilliant maneuver.