MoviePass continues to suffer the longest, slowest, and most painful death in business history. Rather than admit defeat, the company is delaying the inevitable. According to an email sent out late last week, they’re still trying to trick former users into re-enrolling in their increasingly laughable service — by automatically enrolling them in a “test group” unless they choose to opt out.

Per Business Insider, MoviePass’ latest scheme is not all that dissimilar from their previous attempt to re-enroll former users. An email sent out to former subscribers last Friday arrived with the vague subject line “MoviePass Updates.” The message informed former users (hilariously addressed as “loyal subscribers”) that unless they choose to opt out — again! — they will be re-enrolled for a new “select test group.” Starting on October 5, those who do not opt out will be charged $9.95 a month for the privilege of seeing one film per day from a very limited selection of titles.

As some people pointed out on Twitter, an August email from MoviePass informed users that their accounts would be canceled if they didn’t opt-in to the company’s three movies per month plan — so they shouldn’t even be receiving this new “select test group” email:

At this point, it’s easy to imagine that many former subscribers did not see this latest email — probably because they’re sick of getting emails from a service they canceled weeks or months ago. Whether they flagged MoviePass as spam and the email went to their junk folder, or they automatically deleted it on sight because seriously why is MoviePass still contacting me, it seems like there could be a whole lot of unhappy people come October 5.

And for good reason: It’s not the first time that MoviePass has made a desperate attempt to re-enroll former subscribers without their consent. If you recently canceled your MoviePass subscription, be on the look out for that email — and if you’re looking for another (better) subscription to replace it, we have some suggestions:

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