If you're a resident of Nacogdoches that is an avid recycling person, then you're probably going to want to take note of this. According to EastTexasMatters.com, the city of Nacogdoches has put a temporary hold on the recycling of paper and plastic.

This move is due to China not taking recyclables from the US at this time. Because of this, items such as paper and plastic are piling up, and have to be taken to the landfill...not recycled.

Cardboard can still be recycled in Nac, however, because the city has a cardboard baling machine and can actually sell it. Also, the suspension doesn't apply to glass products, so those are still accepted at the Nacogdoches recycling location.

Just keep in mind, paper and plastic items will not be recycled, and will be sent to the city landfill.

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