Most of us artificial Christmas tree users are hauling the tree up to the attic this week.

If you're the real tree type, there are options to recycle it, and maybe even help the animals at Ellen Trout Zoo while you're at it.

The Lufkin solid waste and recycle center will take your tree if you drop it off at the site. City crews won't pick it up curbside because the trees usually don't fit inside those recycle bins, and the trees shouldn't mix with the milk jugs and cardboard boxes.  They'll recycle the tree for you though if you drop it off.

You can also take the tree to the Ellen Trout Zoo, and they'll make use of it inside the animal habitats.

Putting up the tree was much more fun than taking it down!  But since we have to, we might as well make good use of the tree and know it's not going to waste.

This is the busiest week of the year for the trash guys after all the Christmas cooking and unwrapping.   Recycling the tree ourselves might be a good way to make their job a little easier.