It's reasonable to think that a holiday movie might last the entire season, but fans of one movie got a rude awakening when it was dropped from Netflix before the season even hit the mid-point.  But there is hope if you love The Grinch.  

The 2018 adaptation of The Grinch was dropped from Netflix last Friday, December 4th, and fans of the movie immediately hopped on social media to vent about it. pointed out the movie had been a mainstay for Netflix subscribers in 2018 and 2019, but it's gone for the rest of this season.  Some subscribers were watching the movie at the moment it was removed, and the movie froze and disappeared as they digging into the popcorn. Explain that to the kiddos.  Wow!

Some parents pointed out that it was sort of, well, Grinchy, for the movie to be removed just as the holiday season was getting good, and others said they were just sad for the kids.  But there's hope if you're a Grinch diehard!

NBC is airing its original Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical tonight (December 9th) and Matthew Morrison will star.  The production value is supposed to be insane.  All of the costumes are supposed to be over-the-top and elaborate, the songs will be intense, and the makeup will make the actors look as if they grew up in Whoville.

People said it was a nearly four-hour process to transform Matthew Morrison into the character, and as The Grinch, he looks unrecognizable.  The green hair, little nose prosthetic, new eyebrows, and wig him look a lot less like Will Schuster from Glee, and a lot more like Jim Carey when he was green.

It's not going to be a live musical, but it will air as a pre-taped event that's going to look live.  And it could fill the void left by the untimely departure of The Grinch movie from Netflix.

My girls and I loved Matthew Morrison in Glee, and the only thing that could make tonight even better would be a surprise appearance by the witty, slightly-cranky, and loveable Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch).  It is NBC, and she's on that station a lot.  Think it'll happen?

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