One of my older daughter’s favorite time-wasting games during quarantine has been “Hot Lava.” She pretends the ground is boiling hot and she has to navigate her way from the couch to the other couch by jumping or stepping on things floating in the “lava.” It’s very amusing watching her play this game, a childhood favorite for bored tykes since time immemorial.

Never did I think that it needed to become a television series. However, Netflix appears to have their fingers on the pulse of the crucial Matt’s Daughters demographic, and they just unveiled the trailer for Floor Is Lava, a game show that takes the basic premise of my kid’s Hot Lava game and turns it into a gimmicky version of Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior, with adults trying to complete obstacle courses through giant pools filled with “lava.” (For a moment I thought we had finally achieved full Running Man dystopian game show future, but it appears the lava is just red water.)

The trailer for the show’s first season is below:

I kid about the demos, but for sure I will show this to my daughter, and for sure she will enjoy it, and for sure she will be jumping over even more of my furniture afterwards, and for sure she’s going to break a lamp or something, and for sure I am going to sue Netflix for liability. Floor Is Lava premieres on Netflix on June 19.

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