I've used AirBnB before. It's actually a fairly simple process. You go online - or, even easier, use the app - select the location you want to stay in, put in the dates you want to stay, choose from a list of available houses within that location, and pay. Now, I left out a few details, but in a nutshell, that's all it takes.

Well, someone got the idea that they wanted a service that would work exactly like that, only for swimming pools.

This new app is call Swimply. It allows you to rent pools by the hour. I'm talking about private pools.

It works almost exactly like AirBnB. You choose your location, set your date and hours, choose from the list of available pools and BOOM. You're able to rent a pool, all to yourself and your guests.

Now, I'm not completely sold on it. Yes, it does allow you to bypass all of the nuisances of the public pool. The lines, the people that you don't know, the loud obnoxious people that wind up in your space, etc.

However, I don't know that I'm sold on going to someone's private pool. Yes, I suppose there's a vetting process by Swimply, but I'm still a little uncertain about it. Well, it doesn't really matter, because - at least right now - there aren't any swimming pools to reserve in our area. The closest one I found was in Houston...so, that's that...

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