Most people aren't fans of app alerts that blow up your phone multiple times a day. We like to be alerted about things that matter to us. We don't want a lot of random alerts that don't pertain to us. That's why the update to our very own Q107 app is such a big deal.

We have now added a setting that would allow you to get alerts about East Texas News. I'm talking about news such as construction, accidents, missing alerts, etc. right here in our area. Sounds pretty great, right?

However, to get these alerts set up, you have to have them turned on in your Q107 app. To do this, go to the menu button at the top of the home page and select it.

Q107 App Home Page

Then, scroll down to where you see "Settings" listed in the menu, and click on it.

Q107 App Menu

Next, select the command that says, "Alert Settings".

Q107 App Settings

From here, make sure that the "East Texas News" alert feature is turned on (it will be highlighted red if you have it turned on to receive app alerts).

Breaking News App Alert

But, don't stop there! Make sure that you've got all our app alerts turned on, so that you can take full advantage of the FREE Q107 app!

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