Lumberjacks need somewhere to throw axes. It's just inconceivable that anyplace in the world would have an axe throwing facility, and there not be one within an axe throw of SFA. We have been without one since before Covid, and luckily a new one is opening up.

Lumberjacks Axe Throwing will be located at 115 East Main Street in Nacogdoches. They are tentatively opening up on June 12th, 2021. This will be their second facility, they have a location in Longview that has apparently been doing quite well.

Axe throwing is a fun competitive sport, and is still growing in popularity. You can reserve a lane just like in bowling. Their intentions are for this to be a pleasant place to play for couples, families, and friends. Everyone is invited to gather for games and drinks.

If you're looking for something different for that next function, this will be memorable. You get to play a game that most people have never had the chance to see. How can you not be enthused about a game that involves throwing axes? 

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If not, there will be more than just axe throwing. Imagine playing cornhole in the air conditioning. They already have the pool table in, and arcade style games are coming.

Back in 2019 there was an axe throwing complex in Nacogdoches, it was called 'The Rusty Axe' and this is not that. This is a new location, and new type of place. The old Rusty Axe location is now 'The Nacogdoches Cigar Company' this is a completely new situation.

Lumberjack Axe Throwing

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