When I first moved to the 'Lonestar State', after crossing two-thirds of the country with no hassle, I was pulled over by a state trooper because he was issuing a citation to a motorist on the shoulder of Interstate 20 at 7:43 in the morning, and I had failed to make a lane change.

I don't even think he finished writing the original citation to the person already subdued by his presence.  He jumped in "Adam-12", and strobe lighted my OUT OF STATE LICENSE PLATE for about a mile and a half, until I realized in disbelief that I was being called out!

Now I drive somewhere between Mr. Magoo and Mr. Ed, so I ruled out speed immediately, and was bewildered to hear I about a rarely enforced infraction, that forces me to vacate the lane.  Most of the other 49 states, include "if safe to do so".

First of all, forget the moving violation momentarily.  Have you ever tried to make a safe lane change with 30 other vehicles trying to do the same at peak traffic periods (7:43 A.M.)?  I almost witnessed multiple collisions, as those that knew the law, scrambled for position similiar to the first 10 laps of the Indy 500!


While you were sleeping last night, a new law was quietly breathing life into the highway system.  You MUST change lanes for a Tow Truck assisting motorists when towing their vehicles.

I see lots of fight on this one, so much in fact, that "Judge Joe" may be re-newed for next season!  The key verbiage here is "when towing their vehicles".  Really?  When does the "towing" officially begin?  And what about driving on a two lane highway?  Do I move into head-on traffic?

Be safe out there!