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If you're a hot sauce lover, stop everything you're doing and get ready to plan a trip to your nearest grocery store soon. Old Bay is taking its original, fan-favorite flavor, and releasing a hot sauce. Remain. Calm.

Old Bay (owned by McCormick & Co.) described as “tangy with a kick of heat, and that distinctive Chesapeake flavor.", sold out in one hour. The website crashed soon after as word spread about the hottest hot sauce on the market right now.

Not to worry though, the company says it
plans on restocking. Of course, fans that were able to get their hands on a bottle then took to
EBay. We don't think you should take it that far. The hot sauce is not looking to break the bank either. On Old Bay's website, bottles

I don't know about you, but I'll be waiting patiently (impatiently) for the next restock! 

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