There's a new law in the State of Texas, and you can bet that by not adhering to it, will cost you more that a couple six packs.

You are already undoubtedly aware that passing an emergency vehicle in the lane closest to the incident can get you pulled over, but this new law, gives motorists ample time to get additional citations for not being observant.

My advice is to move over one lane anytime you see anything parked at the side of the road.  Don't try to figure out what vehicle it is, and what color lights should be flashing.  Just move over!

So, here's the rule.  In addition to emergency vehicles, when the blue lights are flashing, you'll be required to change lanes for Tow Trucks, along with Texas Department of Transportation vehicles.

You do have one escape clause, and that is to slow down to 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit, when passing in the lane nearest these vehicles.

And, don't think you won't be pulled over.  I got my "warning" on my first day living in Texas.  But, by reading the rule book ahead of time, I was able to avoid a write-up and an almost certain insurance rate hike.  In my case, slowing down was my only option at 7:30 AM at the height of rush hour traffic.  The trooper agreed...thankfully.

I expect some leniency in the beginning, but don't expect miracles.