Phil Collins has long been known as a huge collector of Alamo memorabilia, and his collection is so extensive that historians have asked to look at it in the past to learn from it.

Did you know some have valued the collection at $15 million?  And now the collection is at home in Texas, back at the Alamo for good.  Here's how it happened. 

Phil gathered the pieces of his collection over time - in fact over a period of twenty years or so - and says he decided to donate the entire thing as he organized his estate over the past couple of years.  There's an effort now to raise $100 million to build a new wing at The Alamo to properly showcase all of the pieces.  Some of them are from the Battle of San Jacinto, when Texas won its independence.  All of the pieces had been at Phil's home in Switzerland, and they were shipped over to the US and arrived Tuesday in San Antonio.

Kinda makes ya wanna drive to The Alamo to relive history doesn't it?  Or at the very least, start thinking about what cool things we can collect besides rocks and Matchbox cars.

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