We've spent our whole lives ordering whole pies from Pizza Hut, but guess what! Prepare for your mind to be blown. Now Pizza Hut is going to start selling pizza by the slice.

Pizza Hut has been a part of my life since I was a kid growing up in Nebraska.

My parents would take my sister and me to Pizza Hut just about every Friday, and then we'd go home to watch the show Dallas on TV and fall asleep.  That hamburger pan pizza was my favorite back then. Yum!  Anyone remember the Priazzo?  Don't even get me started.  It was so good.  Apparently not everyone agreed because they don't have it anymore.  But I digress.

The chain plans to test sales at stores in my home state of Nebraska, and also Rhode Island, and then they'll make a decision about whether to sell one slice at a time in Texas and other places around the country.

We'll have to keep checking in with the Lufkin locations on South Timberland Drive and South Medford Drive to see what they decide to do.

I do know this -- most of us prefer more than one slice.  We can't eat just one!  Unless of course the slice is gigantic.  Then we'll be happy with just that.

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