Pizza is always a good idea, which means this is a great idea.

Kikkerland Design has decided to whet our appetites and illuminate our way with a pizza night light.

Pizza Night Light
Kikkerland Design

The light is a better deal than most pies you can find at Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut or any neighborhood parlor, for that matter: it costs $6.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a pizza plugged into your wall. Do you continue on your way to the bathroom to make that 3 a.m. tinkle or do you head down to the kitchen to fire up the oven and put in a DiGiorno (it's 3 a.m. -- no place is open to deliver you a pizza)? It's a tough decision, for sure. Either way, this awesome night light is guaranteed to help you sleep like an angel -- a large pepperoni-lovin' angel.

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